Interview: Alain Johannes on The Making of ‘Fragments & Wholes,’ and an Exciting New Collaboration


With the Nov. 11th release of Alain Johannes‘ sophomore solo effort Fragments & Wholes, Vol. 1, the multi-instrumentalist songwriter and producer further blossoms as a cigarbox-guitar slinging independent artist with an inimitable culture of sound all his own. He’s launched a PledgeMusic campaign to support the album’s release, with a slew of incentives for contributors.  

During an exclusive Artist of The Month session, Alain debuted a number of new songs from Fragments and Wholes including the understated, Beatlesque beauty of “Whispering Fields“, the haunting hypnosis of “Swan and Crow,” the bright sunshine of “All The Way Down” and more. Today, we bring you our sit-down with Alain to discuss the making of the new record, as well as a positively thrilling, top-secret new “fearless and open-ended” project featuring Ben Shepherd and Matt Cameron of Soundgarden, Mark Lanegan, Dimitri Coats and more. We’ve heard a bit of the music, and can confirm that it’s some of the most exciting stuff we’ve laid ears on in recent memory.

Learn more about Alain’s Pledge Music campaign for Fragments & Wholes here, and keep up with Alain at his official site, as well as on Twitter and Facebook

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