Album Stream: Mariachi El Bronx III Takes Hardcore Alter-Egos To New Heights

On the heels of their crushingly awesome fourth LP, Los Angeles hardcore champions The Bronx have once again taken a leap down the mariachi-infused rabbit hole that found the explosive group reaching new heights of exposure and fandom, while making enormous evolutionary leaps in style and sombrero-sporting substance. We welcome the return of The Bronx’s alter-ego Mariachi El Bronx, with a week-early stream of their third album, Mariachi El Bronx III.

What? A hardcore band with a split mariachi personality? It hardly makes sense on paper, but when you first hear iron-throated vocalist Matt Caughthran’s croon through the Latin-infused melodies in MEB, the transition clicks into place with remarkable ease. Learning entirely new styles in an intensely nuanced genre, the entire band set out to conquer an entirely new sonic arena – and succeeded. Check out drummer Jorma Vik’s comprehensive breakdown of the genre in his Gringo’s Guide to Mariachi.

With two albums of excellence behind them (and another four under their hardcore identities The Bronx), MEB are now primed for the next leap. Have a listen to the entire album before its Nov. 4th release over at KCRW. Then pre-order it right here, if you know what’s good for you. And while you’re at it, enjoy a nice headache courtesy of the new album cover:

Mariachi El Bronx III tracklist:

1. New Beat

2. Wildfires

3. Sticks And Stones

4. High Tide

5. Nothing’s Changed

6. Eternal

7. Raise The Dead

8. Everything Twice

9. Right Between The Eyes

10. Valya 


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