ACL 2014 Video Interview: Beats Antique Discusses Creature Carnival Preparations, More

Texas’ big music festival has been running all weekend here in Austin, and CraveOnline’s Johnny Firecloud got a chance to speak with the folks of Beats Antique about how they go about gearing up for an event as massive and intense as ACL 2014.

“It’s sorta the nature of our lives,” the group explained. “We’ve been sorta used to doing this, going from one extreme to the other. Playing a small club show to a crazy festival. So really it’s… at this point we’re just used to it. But we’re excited. There’s a lot of adrenaline and excitement for the show.” 

Beats Antique also took a bit of time to talk about how it’s planning to bring a transformative experience to the stage with Creature Carnival. They’re taking a new approach to how they performs their songs, shortening them down so they can cram more songs within the same general amount of time. Audience participation is also a huge part, as the group is offering fans the opportunity to print out masks and wear them at the event.

For more, including specifics on how Beats Antique prepares for its crazy unique events, check out our full video interview with them from Austin City Limits 2014 below.

ACL 2014: Beats Antique Interview by CraveOnline


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