ACL 2016 | Lucy Dacus: Would-Be Voice Of A Generation

Photo: Erika Goldring (Getty Images)

In a perfect world, Lucy Dacus would be the voice of her generation. In this Digital Age when identities are manufactured on social media, the 21-year-old Richmond, VA singer/songwriter writes poetic songs about being strong in your weakest moments. When most of her peers are creating idealized versions of themselves on Snapchat or the “Gram,” Dacus’ revealing songs from the heart feel ripped from the pages of her personal journal.

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Dacus’ brand of disarmingly catchy garage-rock tinged with a pinch of alt-country twang caught the ear of music fans (and A&R suits) when she performed at last March’s South by Southwest Festival.

Now, fresh off a buzzed about debut album, No Burden, Dacus is back in Austin to play at ACL 2016. We caught up with the rising star to chat about her emotive songwriting, first major tour and learning about the music business on the fly. 

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