College Sports Guy’d: How To Rep Your Team

Every single season it’s important to cheer your team until the very end — no matter the result. It’s also just as important to look good doing it. We see way too many guys who go to games without a clue; no compass or sense of direction when it comes to knowing what’s appropriate to wear at games and what is not. Hopefully, this small article can help put a dent in this travesty. If the following words help just one, poor soul, I will have considered this work a success.

Rule #1 Wear clothes

Seriously, don’t be these guys.

It would take me an egregious amount of time to even begin to explain everything that is wrong with this picture.

It would take me an egregious amount of time to even begin to explain everything that is wrong with this picture.

Rule #2 Don’t wear a jersey if you’re over the age of 18

Discover Orange Bowl - Clemson v Ohio State Unless your name is actually on it, you shouldn’t be caught wearing another man’s jersey — especially if it’s basketball; no one wants to see your ‘guns.’ Trust me, I get it. I’ve had a fascination with jerseys since I was a little kid. But, unfortunately, if you’re a grown adult wearing a jersey to a game, bar or any social function, that’s exactly what you end up looking like, a kid. Baseball jerseys can be exceptions, because they’re more like shirts, but still be self aware.

Rule #2B If you must insist on wearing a jersey, don’t wear a player who is no longer with the team

This picture was taken at a Buffalo Bills game.

This picture was taken at a Buffalo Bills game.

Unless it’s a throwback. There is a huge difference between wearing Joe Namath or Tim Tebow to a Jets game.

Rule #3 Don’t be the cliche frat guy

Don't be this predictable, guys.

Don’t be this predictable, guys.

If you’re in the South, you want to look sharp, no doubt, but don’t join the herd and look like every other Joe Shmoe to walk the quad on game day. You know what we’re talking about: whether it’s the Polo shirt/khaki combo complete with the Costa Del Mar sunglasses with the croakies and New Balance shoes or the visor/vest combo complete with dress shoes, it’s 2014 and time for something fresh. You’re going to a football game, not a banquet hosted by your in-laws.

Rule #4 Don’t paint your face. Unless….

You look like this:


Rule #5 Realize where you are

It’s okay to rep your team in most towns, but in others you should be ready to take some serious heat. Don’t be caught dead wearing Michigan blue in Columbus or you might just be caught dead. However, if you’re a Baylor fan wearing green at a Colorado game, you should survive just fine. You know those damn hippies, all-accepting and all… Long lesson short — just don’t rep the opposing team where it could get you in serious trouble, especially in the bars following the game.

Rule #6 Never rep a team that’s not even playing

…especially if it’s a rival. Don’t go to a Georgia/Florida game wearing Tennessee. It just looks like you have zero self awareness or you have the mental capacity of a toad. You lose even more points if it’s the wrong sport.

Rule #7 Listen to your friends

If you have good ones that is… they’ll tell you straight up if you’re doing something uncouth, stupid or impractical. For instance, comfortable shoes are a must considering you’ll most likely be walking all day. No stilettos (ladies) or flip flops (unless you’re near the beach; looking at you San Diego State).

Here are a few other tips straight from female fans on social media:

“Wear deodorant, fellas. Wear deodorant. For the love of God.”

“I hate where girls go to games in heels of any sort or a jersey with pearls… makes me think of sorority girls that don’t care about the game but are just looking for a husband.”

Rule #8 Know your style

After you know all the “Don’ts,” it’s time to choose between the best acceptable options that fit you as a fan. Are you more of a polo guy, a modern look or are you going for something retro? Here are a few recommendations:

For the very conservative or those over 40:polo

The modern look:
If you’re going go with the t-shirt — or sweatshirt for that matter — avoid the $5 vendors and pay a little extra for something flashy; something modern.

If you’re like me, you love the retro look. It’s casual, comfortable and reps your team without looking like you’re trying too hard.
Remember these golden rules to game day style and you’ll be alright. Also remember that although there are exceptions to every rule, if you go against the grain you’re more likely the rule and not the exception.
Josh Helmuth is the editor of CraveOnline Sports.
Photo Credit: Getty