VIDEO: John Oliver Destroys FIFA and the World Cup 2014

John Oliver utterly dismantled FIFA and the World Cup 2014 during the satirical US TV show Last Week Tonight.

Branding the football organisation "comically grotesque", Oliver admitted that he was divided between his love of football, and his condemnation of the human rights abuse scandals that FIFA has been involved in.

FIFA choosing to host the World Cup 2014 in Brazil has sparked a wave of protest, as the underfed masses of the country are left to starve while FIFA will rifle through their coffers during the tournament. During the segment on the show, Oliver leads no stone unturned as he highlights the huge issues presented by the event being held in Brazil, along with how "cartoonishly evil" FIFA is. 

Unfortunately, thoughtful football fans similar to Oliver will inevitably be divided by their love of the sport and their disapproval of people starving to death just so they can watch that sport.