Dark Souls 2 PC Launches with Big Problems, Here are the Workarounds

Dark Souls 2 has now launched on PC, and some players are experiencing a myriad of crippling problems. 

Developer Namco Bandai has addressed some of the issues, which includes the game crashing upon start-up, in a forum post on Steam. The statement reads: “We’ll be working hard to escalate and investigate any problems you’re having. We will also continue to monitor these forums for any further issues.”

Two possible workarounds were posted by Steam user ‘Keys’, and have been recognized by Namco as working. Keys notes that these workarounds are not guaranteed to work for everyone. They are as follows: 


  • On AMD video cards, go to Control Center. under Properties (Digital flat-panel) and enabling GPU scaling. Apply and start game.


  • Select Dark Souls 2 in Steam.
  • Unplug your HDMI/DVI Cable.
  • Hit Enter (this will start the game).
  • Plug it back in. Using this workaround the game is locked to windowed mode 1280×720.
  • After setting your resolution and fullscreen mode in the options menu, restart the game using the same technique. For some people this will allow the game to be played at their desired resolution and in fullscreen mode. Some people have reported not having sound using this workaround.

Considering the furor that surrounded the lackluster PC port of the first Dark Souls game, Namco needs to hurry up with official fixes and patches for these issues if it wishes to not anger the PC gaming community further. After having purchased Dark Souls 2 this morning, I am also unable to play the game without it crashing immediately after I start it up. Hopefully these issues will be resolved soon.



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