Listen: Daft Punk and Jay Z Team Up on ‘Computerized’

The electro-robots of Daft Punk continue their streak of total domination with “Computerized,” a one-off Jay Z collaboration that seems too good to be true — except it is true, and it’s awesome. Have a listen below to the track, which surfaced online on Monday without warning or promotion. 


Could it be a leftover from Jay’s “Magna Carta Holy Grail” recordings? Highly doubtful, as this track isn’t something either parties would likely sit on. That second verse is fire, around a cool-breeze digital bath after a string arrangement pulls us in. Attentive fans can find a download link in the Youtube ‘about’ section, and will recognize portions of DP’s “The Son of Flynn” from their Tron: Legacy soundtrack. Draw your own conclusions there…

Speaking of Jay Z, our beloved Hova will be joining forces with Kanye West at SXSW this week to give new life to the duo’s Watch The Throne project. We’ll be bringing you details as they arrive!


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