The Big List: Worst Merger Ever! The Origin Of The F-Bomb!

Time to become a comedian, get an audition for Saturday Night Live, don’t get cast, do other stuff, get super famous without SNL, look back on that audition and laugh, but still bare a dark shard of resentment towards Lorne Michaels deep down in your soul and check out these links!


Nation Intrigued By Bizarre Olympic Sport Of Hockey (The Onion),35248/

What the puck?


Yes, You Will Probably Get Screwed If The Comcast-Time Warner Deal Goes Through

All Hail President Com-Warner!


32 Famous People Rejected By Saturday Night Live

See, don’t feel so bad about getting rejected… as long as you eventually become famous.


On The Origin Of F***

Ancient f-bombs from long ago…


X-Men Valentines By Cartoonist Matt Bors

These cards are First Classy.


That’s all for this this merged edition of The Big List!


Geoffrey Golden is a bestselling author and Editor-in-Chief of The Devastator comedy magazine.


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