CraveOnstage: Redlight King Rock ‘Born To Rise’ & ‘Devil’s Dance’ (Exclusive Performance)

Redlight King - CraveOnstage

Rockers Redlight King recently paid CraveOnline a visit for an exclusive CraveOnstage session, following an international winter tour supporting Halestorm and on the heels of their celebrated new album Irons In The Fire. We'd say that's a beautiful start to 2014.

Operating as a four-piece unit, the band is led by frontman/songwriter Mark Kasprzyk, who is simply known as Kaz. Prior to forming Redlight King, the Canadian-born Kaz released two albums under the moniker Kazzer, before refining his sonic direction and taking true flight with last year’s Irons In The Fire, the follow-up to their successful debut album Something For The Pain. 

The band recently released their official video of "Born To Rise" featuring Kaz performing his own breathtaking stunts in Los Angeles. Having hit strong strides at radio, “Born To Rise" has buoyed interest and enthusiasm for Irons In The Fire – available now on iTunes & Amazon. Check out the exclusive CraveOnstage performance of "Born To Rise" below, as well as a positively rippin' version of "Devil's Dance"!

“Born to Rise”


“Devil’s Dance”


Also check out the lyric video for Redlight King's new single "Times Are Hard" below.

Check back tomorrow for two more exclusive session performances with Redlight King! To stay up to date with all things Redlight King, check out their official website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


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