Adam Sessler’s Freak Out is Indicative of a Rushed PS4 Launch


Only hours ago, gaming journalism veteran Adam Sessler posted a string of concerning tweets via Twitter that left gamers scratching their heads. Vague mentions of a major issue with next-gen console launches were made in addition to him stating his job security is in jeopardy. His posts are littered with impending doom, making it sound like a gaming cataclysm is upon us.

Among the most alarming things that Sessler posted on his Twitter was the following:

My concerns are about my livelihood being dramatically affected by corporate decisions.

Since Sessler hasn't clarified about what he's extremely worried about, sites and forums around the net have been flooding with rumors, some of which make much more sense than others.

What we do know is that Sessler currently works at Revision3 Games, a very multimedia-focused site. Their reliance on video coverage might be a hint to what's going on behind the scenes.

GameTrailer's Marcus Bear, who earlier confirmed that the issue isn't Xbox related, has since written an informative post on NeoGaf, stating:

Its not just about the games, its reviewing the actual system 2 days before the damn thing ships.
Something feels off right now to be honest & a lot of people are pissed about it. 
If you have seen anything I have done over the last 8 months, you will know I have been very happy with the way Sony has been doing things but now its time for them to shit or get off the pot and they are being damn evasive about allowing serious access to the system before launch. 
I have mine preordered (ditto XboxOne) & if that is the only way I will get to have said access to the PS4 then so be it. 
When people delay access to something, game or hardware, it's never for a good reason in my experience.


From an outsider perspective, what it seems is that video content is restricted heavily before the PS4's release, with the only way for major outlets to properly offer launch week coverage being through the attendance of an upcoming PS4 Review Event in New York—hosted by Sony, of course. At this November 11th event, a limited number of outlets will be able to not only play the PS4 and its games a few days early, but publish the world's first reviews of PS4 hardware and software. What's published during these days is critical to Sony's marketing success, so it isn't all that surprising that it's a controlled environment. In a nutshell, publishers will be able to decide what content is shown to consumers for the days leading up to launch.

To make matters worse, the use of an NDA means that those in attendance won't be able to just go home and post whatever they want. Its enforcement means everything you hear that week is unlikely to be genuine.

Additionally, Sony has been tight-lipped for a couple of months now, which is the polar opposite of its transparency earlier in the year. During this time span, the delay of Driveclub and Watch Dogs damaged the early line-up of the PS4. Even EA almost had to delay Battlefield 4, but thankfully is now on-schedule for a mid-November debut. That would have been disastrous.

The vibe within the industry is that Sony isn't ready from a software or hardware standpoint for the PS4 launch. The 300 megabyte day one patch that brings critical features to the console is reminiscent of Nintendo's rushed Wii U launch. So is its launch lineup bloated with multiplats and peppered with a lackluster first year of exclusives. Deja vu?

Sony has talked the talk, but will it be able to deliver? At launch, probably not. The hype surrounding the console makes it appear that it's a gift from the gaming gods with a "supercharged" GPU, a focus on gamers, and a price point that fits just about anyone's budget.

But honestly, everything points to it not having the polish it should. If Sony was really ready, it'd be showing it off to media—including Sessler— much earlier, and would display much more confidence. For now, it seems anything but. This begs the question: how will all this impact the sales of the console? We'll find out soon enough since the PS4 releases on November 15th.