5 Late Night Hosts React To The Government Shutdown

The government is shutdown, and close to a million federal employees have been furloughed. Also, roving motor cycle gangs rule the streets, pillaging is at an all-time high, and comedians are having a field day making fun of our historically dysfunctional Congress. Here are videos of 5 late night hosts reacting to the government shutdown:


Stephen Colbert – Breaking Gov

To make back some of the money they’re losing, the government’s gonna sell blue sky.


Jimmy Kimmel – Obamacare vs. The Affordable Care Act

Would a rose smell as sweet if it was called an Obamablossom?


David Letterman – Top Ten Non-Essential Government

Funding to #1 on that list is very essential.


Conan O’Brien Furloughs Non-Essential Staffers

Do you really want to fire a guy who can drink that much water? Maybe Jordan’s an Aquaman.


Jimmy Fallon – Obama Stops By During The Government Shutdown

How many electoral votes does Margaritaville get?


Geoffrey Golden is the Editor-In-Chief of The Devastator: The Quarterly Comedy Magazine For Humans!