What’s Happening On The Web This Week: GTA Mythbusters


Wanna know what’s happening on the web this week? Louie CK, GTA, Poehler and Fey, bad package today, and a soccer casual-tay. Here’s the week in viral:


Louie CK Hates Cell Phones

They take away the ability to just sit there and be a guest on a national talk show.


Grand Theft Auto V Mythbusters

Go ahead and knife all the sharks you want!


Argentinean Soccer Player Gaspar Iniguez Tackles Opponent With His Head

The Result: He lost three teeth and got a yellow card. That’s called using your head… very, very poorly.


A Package You Should Probably Return


Or give it to someone in your life who deserves its contents. [via]


Tiny Fey & Amy Poehler At The 2013 Emmys

…and Breaking Bad won. If you missed the show, now you’re caught up.


See you next time at the Linky Awards.


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