Amazing: Biting Elbows ‘Bad Motherf*cker’ Video is a Hilarious POV Ultraviolence Overdose

Bad MF

The official music video for Biting Elbows' new single "Bad Motherfucker" has arrived, and if you've never heard of this band, you're not alone.

That's the glory of the internets, folks! A random click finds us tumbling into a first-person alternate reality in which the viewer finds himself in the middle of a point-blank execution, then a desperate fight for survival against a vicious dog and an office full of suits before leaping from a moving car just as it's about to explode. It's all in pursuit of a strange teleportation device, and the adventure gets even crazier & more deadly as the song progresses to a point where… well, don't want to spoil it. Watch for yourself below.

The best video of all time? Quite possibly. The Insane Office Escape series was created by Ilya Naishuller and Sergey Valyaev. Support Biting Elbows on iTunes, and find out more about the band at their official site