The Grammys Top 12 Bashers & Boycotters: Jay Z, Trent Reznor, Eddie Vedder & More

The 2016 Grammy Awards show takes place Feb. 15, where we’ll get to see Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar go head to head for Album of The Year, while everyone who could care less about country wonders who the hell this Chris Stapleton guy is. It’s the last big chance music stars have to dress to the nines and pat each other on the back before the sweaty mess of festival season gets underway, and as usual, we can expect the usual run of meticulously planned outrage and spectacle. Check out the full list of Grammy nominees.

While the night is sure to be packed with over-the-top performances and enough “by golly!” shocked exclamations by the inevitable big winner Miss Swift to make our heads spin, plenty of artists have had a more serious bone to pick with the Grammys over the years. Whether through bashing or boycott, we’ve collected 12 of the more memorable anti-Grammy moments in the show’s recent history.

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