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Man Makes Spotify Playlist That Doubles as Kimchi Fried Rice Recipe (And It Sounds Delicious)

Most people’s Spotify playlists aren’t worth a second glance. Music is so personal that what resonates with one listener rarely does with the next. But one clever man has really good taste in music – and he’s proven it by crafting a Spotify playlist that doubles as a kimchi fried rice recipe.

“I don’t know why I did this, but I made a Spotify playlist on how to make kimchi fried rice (to the best of my capabilities),” wrote Noah Conk in a now-viral tweet.

The gaming startup UX and product designer based in California compiled various singles that perfectly take listeners through the steps of making the dish also known as bokkeum-bap. Conk used YouTube chef personality Chris Cho’s kimchi fried rice as inspiration.

The playlist starts off with songs titled, “Ingredients,” “3,” “Tablespoons,” “Unsalted Butter,” and goes on from there, incorporating other items like onions, kimchi, spam, rice as well as measurements for each. And he didn’t just randomly select songs with titles that matched the needed ingredient; he actually hand-selected each of the 51 songs and listened to the two-hour, 51-minute playlist all the way through to ensure it was worth sharing.

Who knew there were so many culinary-themed song titles in the world? Conk, apparently, in addition to other musicheads. There are viral recipe playlists out there on the interwebs for foods like banana bread and sandwiches.

While we don’t know how many people have actually made the recipe laid out in the playlist, it would appear people are definitely listening to the music. The playlist has over 3,800 likes and Conk has been getting plenty of feedback.

“The best responses I’ve received are from the more independent artists that are on this playlist and how their stream traffic has been at an all-time high,” Conk told Today. “Those are probably the most meaningful comments.”

Cover Photo: Jongdal Jeong (Getty Images)


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