assault rifle
An AR-15 rifle with bullets on an American flag, a symbol of the right of patriotic Americans to bear arms, guaranteed by the Second Amendment.

8 Simple Things That Are Infinitely Harder to Do in America Than Buy an Assault Rifle

According to the Gun Violence Archive, there have already been more than 240 mass shootings this year in the United States. And in the time it took to write that sentence, 50 more probably just happened. Yeah, yeah, guns don’t kill people, people kill people, but being able to buy an assault rifle makes it a whole lot easier.

You know how Fox News is perpetually screaming that we need to be more appreciative of police and stop whining when they kill unarmed Black people in broad daylight? Their rationale is that if we did away with the cops, then someday an awful thing would happen and there’d be no police to save the day. Well, not only did the opportunity to save the day arise and get soundly rejected by cops in Uvalde, but the useless government leeches actually pepper-sprayed and tried to arrest actual badass parents trying to rush in to save their kids.

And yet Republicans continue to blame mass shootings on virtually everything on Earth except the military-style guns that have been used in nearly every single gun massacre. After all, NRA campaign cash means much more than the lives of elementary school kids.

But the really sick and sad part about these gun shootings is just how easy it is to acquire an assault rifle versus getting some other very common, innocuous things. The Uvalde shooter was not old enough to buy alcohol but he could easily purchase these weapons on his 18th birthday. The very notion of how easy it is to get an assault rifle versus everyday necessities is so insane that it may result in a sudden coronary. So we at Mandatory have come up with eight things that are infinitely harder to get than an assault rifle in America.

Cover Photo: CaseyHillPhoto (Getty Images)