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The Mandatory Guide to Explaining Pride to Your Super Conservative Parents

Pride Month, although once exclusively celebrated by the LGBTQIA community, has now been thrust into the mainstream due to the increasing acceptance of LGBTQIA people. Ever since same-sex marriage was made legal at the federal level in 2013, LGBTQIA people have been able to truly discover the same misery as straight married couples. And you really know something made it in American society when it can be marketed by 7-11, hence the rise of gay pride merch and various ice creams.

But while most normal people (and legit Christians) are more than happy to let these folks celebrate Pride Month, pretend people like Florida Governor Ron Desantis and Rep. Marjorie Greene (R-GA) spread hate, misinformation, and conspiracy theories that play to the lowest common denominator.

Governor Desantis is so hell-bent on “owning the libs” that the dude essentially raised property taxes on Florida residents to screw over Disney and their rejection of his anti-LGBTQIA legislation. Indeed, Republican politicians seem so awfully determined to take our country back to the 1600s, totally disregarding the fact that LGBTQIA people pay taxes as well. (And, more importantly, are humans who deserve all the benefits and protections every old, straight, white male receives under the U.S. Constitution.)

But even if many Republican reps are a nasty pile of raw sewage who do anything and everything for straight, rich, and white people, not every conservative person is such a raging asshole. For example, if you’re gay and have conservative parents, they really may just not know what Pride is all about. So that’s why we created a guide to explaining Pride Month to your conservative parents.

Cover Photo: Anastassiya Bezhekeneva (Getty Images)


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