12 Spot-On Movie Titles in Unlikely Case Johnny Depp Trial Goes to Netflix

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s defamation lawsuit is taking over TikTok. But is it compelling enough for a Netflix original? So far, the court battle has been a walk down memory lane via dark alleys filled with dirty laundry. And just like dirty laundry, something about it doesn’t feel fresh.

Maybe it’s because we just learned that Amber Heard took a dump on Johnny Depp’s bed the morning after a lover’s quarrel. Or more likely it’s because we already watched a version of the Depp-Heard fight go down in 2020. It was tedious then but at least it was new. Now it’s just sad.

Watching the downward spiral of any couple, let alone a rich and famous one, is never easy viewing. And reconciling the Depp of the silver screen with the bad-tie-wearing, leather-faced wino of today’s proceedings is a hard pill to swallow. Unfortunately, we wouldn’t be surprised if this prolonged legal battle becomes a trilogy. Or possibly a seven-part saga about beating a dead horse years after its heart gave out.

In the unlikely event that these two crazy kids manage to squeeze it all into one standalone epic, here are 12 movie titles for the trial no one wants to watch a movie of. (Although, if the film actually starred Johnny Depp and Amber Heard as themselves, we’d have to reconsider our position.)

Cover Photo: JIM WATSON and STEVE HELBER (Getty Images)


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