‘The Gray Man’: Ryan Gosling Back After 4-Year Hiatus, Color Us Flustered

You’re gonna wanna sit down for this. Ladies and gentlemen: Ryan. Gosling. Is. Back. After a four-year hiatus that singlehandedly plunged us into the darkest timeline of our frangible little lives, he’s returned to pull us out of the doldrums and hold us oh so close while rocking gently to the sweet sounds of Depeche Mode.

Or at the very least, he’s in a thing again.

Netflix is betting big on the Gosling Effect. Y’know, the thing that makes people get on the wrong train and ride for miles while lost in thought trying to unravel the mysteries of that signature smirk and thousand-yard stare? In fact, Netflix was probably a little in the clouds itself when they signed off on the Russo Brother’s record-setting $200 million budget. But hey, worth every penny, right?

While Netflix is closely guarding the details of the action flick, here’s what they’ve revealed so far. Gosling is playing an ex-CIA agent turned freelance assassin on the run from his former colleague at the Agency, played by Chris Evans. Gosling’s Blade Runner 2049 co-star Ana de Armas joins the fun, with Netflix heartthrob Rege-Jean Page playing a bespectacled suit. (He’ll have his work cut out for him now that Gosling is back on the scene.)

Based on Mark Greaney’s 10-book series, the blockbuster hopes to push Netflix into franchise territory, competing against the likes of Disney whose Marvel and Star Wars film properties have raked in nearly as much as what Elon Musk paid for Twitter.

The Gray Man hits theaters on July 15 and will be available to stream on Netflix the following week. Don’t tell your girlfriend.

Cover Photo: Netflix


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