Don’t Say Gay (in the Multiverse): Saudi Arabia Considers ‘Doctor Strange 2’ Ban Over ‘2 Moms’ Line

There’s nothing gay about superheroes. Flamboyant costumes, spandex body con suits, and general awesomeness aside, supers are just gender-conforming normies who fit the narrative of Draconian societies and their outdated religious constraints. At least according to Saudi Arabia where a debate is raging over a twelve-second clip in Doctor Strange 2 that makes mention of a character’s “two moms.”

How dare a movie with a multiverse surfing, time-shifting, levitating, astral projecting ex surgeon in a fabulous cape, warp reality by even suggesting something like two women in love? That’s absurd.

For its part, Disney wholeheartedly disagrees with the Saudi censorship board and is currently refusing to cut the twelve-second clip. The standoff comes at an interesting time for Disney which is angling to regain social footing in the aftermath of the recent Don’t Say Gay fandango that threw its Florida theme park into turmoil and threatened to upend the company image.

To be fair, this isn’t the first time Disney has butted heads with Saudi Arabian censors. Along with Doctor Strange 2, both Eternals and West Side Story were pulled for depicting LGBTQ characters onscreen. After all, along with dating, homosexuality is illegal in Saudi Arabia. So next time you’re at the movies hoping to round second, take your dick out of the popcorn, you’re just friends.

While the film is not officially banned, its premiere has been pulled from theaters across the country. (We’re guessing no one saw Benedict Cumberbatch’s last movie?)

Yep. These days it feels like all of planet Earth could be described as a multiverse of madness. From Gulf to Gulf, it seems as though a select club of grown men is having trouble facing the diversity of humankind. Ironically, in every other version of the universe, Saudi Arabia is totally gay. Should we tell them or do you want to?

Cover Photo: Disney