Golfer Drank Urine, Took Hallucinogens and Ate 800 Grapes in 1 Day For Better Health, Cure Clearly Worse Than Disease

When you’re sick and not feeling yourself, you’ll do whatever it takes to get better. But for most people, they draw the line at terrible-tasting tea, bottomless bowls of chicken noodle soup, and whatever medication they can throw at their illness, side-effects be damned. But one golfer went to extremes to restore his health and wellbeing, and his techniques have us wondering if the cure is worse than the disease.

His name is Morgan Hoffman. At age 27, he was diagnosed with incurable muscular dystrophy. So in 2016, the pro golfer left the PGA Tour and took off for the Costa Rican jungle. He then proceeded to spend five years trying out different experimental treatments, including drinking his own urine, eating 800 grapes a day in the weirdest raw diet ever, and tripping on hallucinogens during a four-day Amazon remedy that involved ayahuasca.

“It felt like the disease was coming out of me,” he said of the experience.


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He practiced yoga, meditation, and breathwork regularly and moved into a home house in the jungle in Novara that has no door or glass windows.

In addition to his lifestyle, the once clean-cut prepster completely changed his appearance. He’s now a shirtless, sandal-wearing, long-haired dude – and he sure does seem happy in his Instagram posts.


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The renegade treatment must have worked some kind of black magic, because the 32-year-old just returned to the PGA Tour at Hilton Head, South Carolina.

He isn’t wedded to the golf world in the same way anymore, however. He plans to build a wellness center in Costa Rica called Nekawa, or “awaken” spelled backwards.

“It can be deemed as crazy,” he recently said, “but I think that’s kind of what most people see me as anyway.”

Whatever makes you happy (and healthy), man.

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