The Mandatory Wordle Guide to Letting a Game Ruin Your Life

Photo: NurPhoto (Getty Images)

If you’re a person who spends any time on social media, there’s a good chance you have at least a passing inkling of what Wordle is. This simple word game has been dominating social media for the last few months. There’s also a possibility that you’ve let it completely take over your life and you shouldn’t even feel bad. Take a moment t scroll through your Twitter feed and you’ll encounter countless users posting their daily Wordle scores and obsessing over it just like you.

For the uninitiated, Wordle is a daily word game that’s played completely online. Unlike with other trending games, you don’t need to download an app. Every 24 hours there’s a new word of the day and you have six tries to guess it. For a bit of help, the tile colors change to show you how close you were to guessing the correct word. It’s addictive and gained such popularity quickly that it was bought by The New York Times last month for $1 million.

While there’s nothing wrong with playing once again and smiling to yourself when you guess the word in on a few tries, it’s easy to obsess about it and let it ruin your life. Keep Scrolling to see everything you shouldn’t do if you don’t want Wordle to completely take over your life.


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