The Mandatory Worst Relationship Advice From Our Favorite Movies

Show of hands if you totally bombed Valentine’s Day and your relationship is hanging by a thread. Now take that hand and pat yourself on the back in an act of self-love. It’s not your fault you blew it again. Relationships don’t come with instruction manuals. And if you’re like us, you probably get most of your relationship advice from movies.

But it turns out that movies are a terrible place to get advice for pretty much everything. Remember when you bought a Delorean so you could go back in time and save your parent’s marriage? Or how about the time you made a porno with your roommate to solve your cash flow problems?

To be fair, the amount of pressure people place on Valentine’s Day is absurd. After all, it started off as a day ancient Roman dudes slapped women in the face to boost fertility. At least you’re not doing that (we hope).

However, if your significant other is still mad at you for destroying all her notions of love, just show her this list. We can’t guarantee forgiveness, but we can promise you that your jilted lover will soon begin to understand the way your brain really works. For better or worse.

Cover Photo: 20th Century Fox 


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