Dexter New Blood: 10 Iconic TV Characters We’d Love to See Come Back For Just One More Season

Photo: NBC

It’s been eight years since the ‘Dexter’ finale. While it seems like most series finales are met with a ton of groans and disappointment, the popular Showtime series was sadly no different. In the final episode, the anti-hero blood splatter specialist who led a double life as a serial killer with a “code” of who to kill, disappeared into Hurricane Laura off the coast of Miami seemingly never to be seen again. While anyone looking for Morgan in Miami assumes he’s dead, the audience sees a clip of him looking like a rugged lumberjack somewhere far away. This opened the door for a potential return. In 2021, it’s finally here.

‘Dexter: New Blood’ takes place ten years after Dexter Morgan’s disappearance. He’s currently living in Upstate New York in a place called Iron Lake using a fake name. This return makes us think about the other iconic television characters we’d love to see make a triumphant comeback for just one more season (at least). Keep scrolling to see all of our picks.




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