Mandatory Movies: 15 Lesser-known Films to Be Excited About (Including ‘Without Remorse’)

So many movies are desperately awaiting their 15 minutes of fame in the wake of 2020’s dial-tone release schedule. You know the big ones; from Black Widow and Zack Snyder’s Justice League to No Time to DieA Quiet Place Part II, and Mortal Kombat. You’ve seen the trailer starring Emma Stone as a Harley-Quinn-esque Cruella. Marvel, DC, and outrageous budgets aside, there are plenty of lesser-known movies that are just as exciting as superheroes. Maybe you’ve seen the trailer for Without Remorse, maybe you haven’t (you probably have). Until recently, or perhaps this very moment, it wasn’t on your radar. The following projects feature stars you know in films you don’t (yet). 

Cover Photo: Amazon Studios

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