10 Movie Mystery Scenes We Still Don’t Have the Answers to (But Desperately Need)

The plot of a movie is pretty much always shrouded in mystery; the fun of watching comes when your questions are answered in a slow, sometimes thrilling manner. When the credits roll, usually all of our questions are answered (except films that demand a sequel or have tolerably ambiguous endings). That said, some of the greatest movies of all time leave loose ends dangling for the viewer to decipher, inviting the audience to think. What are we if not neurotic, confused, and demanding beings, constantly making mountains out of molehills? That said, while many have tried, there are plenty of movie mystery scenes we still don’t have answers to; mysteries that can’t or won’t be solved. Still, here are 10 we desperately need (but really just want) to know more about.

Cover Photo: Focus Features 

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