July Release ‘Relic’ Has Amazing Storytelling Take For a Summer Horror, First-Time Director Gets to Premiere It at Home

If you ever dealt with a crazy relative, then you’ll relate to Relic, a new horror film in the vein of Get Out or Hereditary. Because, really, what’s scarier in America than our own families? From MAGA-hat wearing uncles to grandmas swearing like sailors, we fear the ones we love. Clearly, director Natalie Erika James knows about film, frights, and families. In her directorial debut, she displays a behind-the-camera talent far beyond her years.

The film has plenty of horrors but still manages to genuinely surprise audiences. This ain’t no Scooby-Doo whodunnit or campy slasher romp. And the creepy twist at the end is not your usual outro. Emily Mortimer plays the lead Kay with far more bone-density than her bird-skeletoned 30 Rock character. Bella Heathcote and Robyn Nevin round out the cast as Kay’s loving daughter and psycho mom. And, like all good horror, there’s also a creepy cabin in the woods. We take a closer look at Relic and its auteur director in this list.

Cover Photo: IFC

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