Kevin Hart’s Quibi ‘Die Hart’ Trailer Shows Off Next Iteration of High-Octane Action Comedy

Who hasn’t dreamt of becoming an action hero? We all strive to use our devil-may-care attitudes and physical prowess to save the day (whether that be amidst a pandemic or multiple gunmen). Kevin Hart, for one, is tired of playing second fiddle to the Rock and Ice Cube. Unfortunately, Hollywood tends to cast him as the comedy side-kick. No longer. The mobile-oriented, wannabe streaming giant Quibi is sending him to action-hero school – with their new 10-episode series Die Hart.

Quibi dropped a trailer for Die Hart this week (right when all our free trials ended…) and it’s exactly the sort of self-deprecating hilarity fans have come to expect from Hart. Inspired by Hart’s stand-up comedy concert film, Kevin Hart: What Now?, the “Film in Chapter” will follow a fictionalized version of the comedian as he trains to be an action hero under the tutelage under Mr. “Royale With Cheese” himself, John Travolta.

The action-comedy, seeing Hart stumble his way through a plethora of over-the-top action sequences, might be Quibi’s biggest draw to date (others of which we bet you can’t even name). However, since we’re in the middle of a global pandemic that just won’t quit, Hart’s screams probably won’t be echoing through the DMV…

Cover Photo: Quibi

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