Usain Bolt Welcomes Baby Girl Who Races to First Place in Instagram Popularity

Jamaican athlete Usain Bolt is a new dad. The eight-time Olympic gold medalist, who is considered by many to be the greatest sprinter of all time, recently welcomed his first child, a little girl. The 33-year-old introduced her to the world through an Instagram post that also wished his girlfriend and baby mama Kasi Bennett a happy birthday.


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I want to wish my gf @kasi.b a happy birthday and To let u know I am happy I get to spend ur special day with u. I want nothing but happiness for u and will continue to doing my best keeping a smile on ur face. Now we have started a new chapter together with our daughter Olympia Lightning Bolt I look forward to what the future will bring for us but be reassured that I will be the ROCK for this family. I Love you and happy 21th birthday.

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“I look forward to what the future will bring for us but be reassured that I will be the ROCK for this family,” Bolt wrote in the caption.

Some newborn babies can be kind of ugly (sorry, we had to say it), but Bolt and Bennett clearly passed on their best genes to their daughter. She appears glowing, angelic, and pretty in pink in the photographs. (Bennett looks lovely, too.) And unlike other celebrities who scar their children for life with ridiculous names (we’re looking at you, Grimes), the new parents picked a beautiful moniker: Olympia Lightning Bolt.

We’re guessing the brand new baby got Bolt’s running genes because with 520K+ likes, she is sprinting to first place in Instagram popularity!

Cover Photo: Asanka Ratnayake / Stringer (Getty Images)

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