Judge Judy to Hang up Her Robe After 25 Years (We Judge These to Be Her Funniest GIFs)

Judge Judy Sheindlin, the brutally hilarious TV icon known for the court-based reality TV show Judge Judy, will hang up her robe after the series’ 25th season finale in 2021. (CBS has already sold the reruns, so you’ll be able to relive the magic on various channels for the foreseeable future.) But it’s not “case closed” for the spitfire star yet. A new show, Judy Justice, is in the works, though the details on when and where it will run are still sealed. Will Judy Justice be able to top the 9 to 10 million viewers that Emmy Award-winning Judge Judy captivates (and castigates) every day? The jury is still out. But let the record show that 77-year-old Sheindlin is the highest-paid personality on TV, netting her $47 million annually. That’s nothing to shake a gavel at! In honor of the honorable Judge Judy, we’ve gathered up some of her funniest GIFs.

Cover Photo: CBS

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