Court Says Judge Judy’s $45 Million Annual Salary Is Reasonable So You Can All Sleep Well

Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

Believe it or not one of the richest people on TV is someone who has to listen to a bunch of people whine about each other every single day. And of course we are talking about Judy Shiendlin, better known as good old Judge Judy.

Judge Judy actually makes about $45 million annually. Yes, all those episodes that you watch when sick from work or school has made her one rich TV judge. And according to the NY Post, the amount of money she makes is not unreasonable at all.

NY Post

The ruling comes in a lawsuit brought by Richard Lawrence, a talent agent who receives a commission on “Judge Judy” profits. Lawrence, through his company Rebel Entertainment Partners, has accused Big Ticket Television and CBS of overpaying Sheindlin, thereby reducing his piece of the profits.

“That Judge Sheindlin is paid more than other television hosts does not establish her salary is unreasonable or that Defendants negotiated the salary in bad faith,” Judge Joanne O’Donnell wrote. “Plaintiff has presented no evidence that the salary was negotiated in bad faith or is unreasonable in light of the undisputed ‘resounding success’ of ‘Judge Judy’ and the fact that without its namesake star the show would not continue.”

The plaintiff’s attorney, Bryan Freedman, has alleged that Sheindlin is grossly overpaid. O’Donnell’s ruling finds that her salary does not constitute a breach of Lawrence’s contract, though the case goes forward on other issues. Freedman said he would appeal.

Lawrence represented two producers who helped bring the fourth Judge Judy’s show to TV in the mid-’90s. According to Lawerence, he stopped receiving his residual checks in 2010, but Judge Judy’s team claims he was paid $17 million for “doing nothing.”

In conclusion, Judge Judy will continue to get paid an absurd amount of money for making people feel dumb, berating folks and making snarky comments. And that my friends sounds like a dream job.

Now if only someone can start paying me for doing the same exact things.