Then and Now: The Cast of ‘Raging Bull’ Continues to Rage on 40 Years Later

It’s funny now hearing Martin Scorsese thought Raging Bull would be the last film he ever directed. Not quite. Actually, not by a long shot. Four decades later, he still pumps out major movies every couple of years, though nothing quite matches the raw psychological intensity of Raging Bull. Legendary writer and director Paul Schrader’s screenplay is a big reason. Robert De Niro‘s performance is another factor. He paces the ring like a wild animal at some points, or sobs like a broken man at others. Scorsese pulled out all the stops. The sound editing in particular crackles with feverish intensity. It’s not hard to see why people still want to see more. We catch up with where the talent that made this film a slice of cinema history is today.

Photo: Chartoff-Winkler Productions

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