Awkwafina Somehow Cut at Oscars, Academy Rumored to Serve Plastic Bottles of Dasani Instead

They say Hollywood is made up of nothing but fake, undecomposable plastic. Well, the 92nd Academy Awards airing Sunday, Feb. 9 has finally proven this to be true. With a laundry list of snubs already raising the ire of fans and performers alike, the Oscars’ decision to also snub eco-friendly dinner service is the straw breaking the prop camel’s back. Where the Golden Globes nominated (and awarded) a diverse pool of mercurial talent while boldly serving a vegan meal on reusable plates, the Oscars are taking a tacitly different approach.

By snubbing Awkwafina, the Oscars are sending a clear message to their awards show nemesis at the Globes. Adding further insult to injury, it’s rumored they’ll be serving 12-packs of Dasani on every table, along with white rhino meatloaf in Styrofoam platters (with plastic sporks and knives). In protest, we’re boycotting any live shots that cut away to attendees who may be eating during the ceremony. For the sake of humanity, we suggest you do the same. Here are a few other ways to let the Academy know you disapprove of their old-fashioned choices for Hollywood’s big night.

Photo: Jemal Countess / Stringer (Getty Images)

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