Ed Norton’s ‘Motherless Brooklyn’ Has Arguably Music Score of the Year (Featuring Thom Yorke)

Thom Yorke is known as a rock star of melancholic proportions so grand, his tunes have cast shadows on entire cities. But lately, he’s been trading the stage for cinema. His latest effort is a song for Edward Norton’s new film, Motherless Brooklyn, which follows the misadventures of a Tourette’s afflicted Jazz Age detective as he scours New York City to solve a murder. While the film is Norton’s second directorial effort in 20 years, Yorke’s music is what has people buzzing. The song “Daily Battles” was written in part as a favor to Norton and features Flea on trumpet and bass. A version of the song was also arranged by Wynton Marsalis to be used diagenetically in the film as a Miles Davis-esque jazz standard.

As Yorke recently hinted, he was jealous of bandmate Jonny Greenwood’s film score repertoire, stating that the Radiohead guitarist was “just so far ahead.” Yorke finally scored his first film last year but has a long way to go to catch up. With the recent release of Motherless Brooklyn, it looks like he’s up for the challenge. And we can’t wait. Here are our favorite film scores thus far featuring Jonny and Thom.

Photo: Warner Bros.

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