Late Baby Bloomers: Legendary Actors Who Didn’t Get Their Start Until After 40

Hey late bloomers, we see you. In fact, we are you. Even though we secretly fantasize about rising before the sun and getting shit done, there’s nothing more familiar to us than waiting until the last minute to do…well, everything. Go-getters, to-do listers, and all-around overachievers won’t understand. But when your friends, family, angry girlfriend, high school counselor, and therapist start giving you guff about not hitting your life milestones, it can really take a psychological toll. Fret not, friends. These legendary actors waited until much later in life to make their move. We’re talking 40-plus. And look what happened for them. Not that we recommend waiting until middle age to hit the grindstone (it takes 10,000 hours to master something), but hey, it worked for these guys.

Photo: Miramax

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