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8 Reasons That Prove ‘Dolemite Is My Name’ Will Be Eddie Murphy’s Comeback Song

Eddie Murphy‘s legacy is undebatable. He’s given us all-time greatest comedy classics like 48 HoursComing To America, Trading Places, Beverly Hills Cop I and II, Boomerang, Harlem Nights, The Nutty Professor, Life, Bowfinger, Shrek and two of the best stand-up specials in the history of comedy, Eddie Murphy Delirious and Eddie Murphy Raw. And for every (admitted) money-grab flick that Murphy tortured us with after those classics (Norbit, Daddy Daycare, or Holy Man), his comedy checks and balances still weigh heavy towards the cornucopia of comedy gold that he’s produced. Dolemite is My Name will be the cinematic vehicle that brings Murphy back to our comedy neighborhood for good. We’ve put together eight reasons to trust in his comedic legend.

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