In Memoriam: Peter Fonda’s Greatest Roles on the Silver Screen

In 1969, Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper rode into frame, did a drug deal (with the cocaine hidden in their motorcycle batteries) and made history. Easy Rider almost single-handedly sparked a genre of filmmaking that cared very little about what other people were doing. It gave a middle finger to conventional Hollywood while simultaneously spitting on the establishment. Unfortunately, the aforementioned legends are no longer with us; Dennis Hopper passed away nine years ago and Peter Fonda died just last week. Both men, and especially the latter, will forever be remembered as a prominent figure of ’60s counterculture, whether that meant doing LSD with the Beatles or turning archetypes on their heads. Fonda’s sister Jane said he went out laughing and advised all to “please raise a glass to freedom” for the immortal rebel. Here is a look back at some of Peter Fonda’s best roles, a man who undoubtedly rode off into the sunset.

Cover Photo: Columbia Pictures

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