GameRevelations | Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Trailer Breakdown

Trailer Breakdown by: Mack Ashworth
Article by: Franz Co for GameRevolution

Capcom has released a new Monster Hunter: World Iceborne story trailer. The trailer gives details on the expansion’s plot, and confirms the return of a fan favorite monster called Tigrex.

The bulk of the new trailer focuses on the reasons why the Fifth Fleet is exploring the new land of Hoarfrost Reach. Now this being Monster Hunter: World, this mostly boils down them wanting to explore it simply because it’s there. That said, the trailer does hint at a greater mystery in the expansion. Some scenes point to an earlier exploration fleet that may have reached Hoarfrost Reach that, for some reason, never made it out.

Aside from this, the trailer also shows the new hub village of Seliana. Monster Hunter World players have been asking for a number of changes to the game’s current hub of Astera for some time now. Perhaps Seliana will address these when Iceborne drops in September.

Of course, the part of the trailer that will likely excite most Monster Hunter fans more is the confirmation that Tigrex is in the game. First appearing in Monster Hunter Freedom 2, this flying wyvern gets its name from the blue and yellow “tiger-stripe” pattern it sports. In battle, Tigrex hits hard and fast, and can also stun hunters with its powerful roar.

Capcom first hinted at Tigrex being in Iceborne during its recent spring update live stream last month. At the end of the trailer, the developers played Tigrex’s unique roar.

This wasn’t the first time that Capcom teased a monster for Iceborne this way. As part of the expansion’s reveal trailer, the team also teased another monster, Tigrex’s cousin Nargacuga, at the end.

Of course, Capcom is also teasing yet another monster in this new trailer. This time, the roar and slicing effect shown at the end seem to hint at the the sword-tailed wyvern Glavenus. Based on the previous trailers, we’ll likely learn if this is Glavenus the next time Capcom drops a trailer for Iceborne.