20 Hilarious ‘Veep’ GIFs To Usher In The Political Satire’s Final Expletive-Laden Season

Photo: HBO

When HBO’s edgy political-satire comedy Veep premiered in 2012, the political climate was a vastly different space. Cut to seven years and 17 Emmy Awards later, the show is ready to debut its seventh and final season to a world divided and in need of the brutally ridiculous Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus).

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Early reviews of the season promise fans that Veep intends to go out as funny as possible despite the current state of America, with a bit of real-world political bitterness that calls out the present administration Selina-style. Veep’s final season is arguably perfectly timed, as even the most hilarious satire requires an end date when it fails to separate absurd fictional characters with no filters versus real people working in the White House who desperately need to “fire [their] tweet monkey.”

Before the series kicks off its last run on March 31 and brings these stories to a close, we rounded up some of Veep’s funniest gifs to remember why we fell in love with Selina Meyer and her equally bumbling friends and foes.

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