A Definitive Ranking Of The Most Badass Robin Hoods In Movie History

There’s a new sheriff in town, which means a new Robin Hood to take him down. The latest incarnation of Robin Hood is a darker, grittier and more action-packed rendition than anything that precedes it.

But the movie also cuts out a lot of the tales we’ve been told. It’s much less about the bandits of Sherwood Forest and more straight to the point about a hardened crusader-turned-outlaw vigilante. In short, this new Robin (Taron Egerton) is much more powerful. He’s practically Batman.

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Egerton traded in his Kingsman jacket for a fashionable hoodie to steal from the rich and redistribute to the common people, as is always the case with Robin of the Hood. However, this film focuses in on a ruthless Sheriff of Nottingham (Ben Mendelsohn) who oppresses the middle class into poor people with his war taxes, a war that cost Robin everything before he was sent home.

But right now, Egerton goes up against something much more intense: the long list of legendary Robin Hoods from film history in our definitive ranking for the best bandit of Sherwood.

That’s right: The New ‘Robin Hood’ Hits The Bullseye For A New Generation

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