New ‘Robin Hood’ Hits the Bullseye for a New Generation

Photo: Lionsgate

This isn’t your grandpa’s Robin Hood. Nor your dad’s. Hell, it might not even be yours, and maybe that’s the way it’s supposed to be. Every generation should have heroes that it can relate to and this latest entry into the long list of Robin Hood adaptations is unlike any that have preceded it.

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The timeless story of an outlaw who “steals from the rich and gives to the poor” has been reimagined for a new generation raised on superheroes.

This time around, up-and-comer Taron Egerton plays the bad boy Robin of Locksley who is mentored by Little John (Jamie Foxx). We told you it was different.

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Go-to villain Ben Mendelsohn chews up the scenery as the Sheriff of Nottingham and future movie star Eve Hewson is Maid Marian. There’s a lot more to this surprisingly fun, action-packed movie that will stir debates on both sides, so let’s get into it.