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Monday Morning Jolt: Christmas Music Alternatives

Photo: Guasor (Getty Images)

Monday Morning Jolt understands how pervasive Christmas can be. It feels like every commercial, show, and song is mentioning the C-word. Everywhere you go, Christmas music is pumped in through the speakers like some sort of collective brainwashing experiment.

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While it may come as a surprise, to some people Christmas just isn’t that big of a deal. That doesn’t mean we’re Grinches. It’s just that we can enjoy winter holidays without Christmas barging in every 10 minutes like the Kool-aid man.

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Fortunately, songs from Norah Jones, the White Stripes, and Adam Sandler can help. These songs celebrate togetherness and family without yelling about wanting to date Santa. Listen to this playlist for some holiday cheer. It’ll match the season but won’t beat you over the head with a candy cane.


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