The Return of Old School Adam Sandler in New Netflix Special Gives Hope

Photo: Steve Eichner (Getty)

If you were old enough to stay home alone in the ’90s, you’re aware of “The Chanukah Song” and much more from Adam Sandler’s ridiculous comedy albums in the good, old days. Although casually off key and spectacularly childish, we have sorely missed it. Old school Sandler fans can rest easy and relive that glory as he starts anew (but in his old ways) in his upcoming Netflix special, 100% Fresh.

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While it didn’t get as much mainstream attention as his movies, Sandler’s stand-up has always been solid when he was regularly hitting up comedy clubs. Now he’s back with a new Netflix special that focuses on stand-up, including busting out that old guitar, leading us to believe that the old Sandler humor is back.

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His special is set to hit Netflix on October 23 and, according to the title, we can expect to hear new jokes, while also getting some classic Sandler as he plucks the strings. Let’s hope there’s another update to “The Chanukah Song” that roasts our current political regime!

This could be the start of something beautiful.