Terrified Shelley Duvall in lobby card for the film 'The Shining', 1980. (Photo by Warner Brothers/Getty Images)

October Challenge | 31 Days, 31 Horror Movies

Photo: Movieflix (Getty)

A horror movie a day will keep the Boogie Man away. Or at least save you from candy corn cramps. That’s what we Mandatory editors were hoping for as we took on the October Challenge, naming our 31 favorite horror movies for each day of the Halloween month.

Take the October Challenge yourself. Leave your favorites in the comments below. Happy Halloween, the (body) countdown is on.

Tales from Crypt: Demon Knight

Sleepaway Camp

Trick R Treat


Halloween 3

A Quiet Place 


The Shining

Girl Walks Home Alone At Night


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The Babadook

Get Out

Let the Right One In


 It Follows

Rosemary’s Baby

Lost Boys

The Exorcist 

Cabin in the Woods

Night of the Living Dead

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American Psycho


The Purge

A Monster Squad


Behind the Mask

Funny Games

The Strangers: Prey at Night

The Witch

Creepshow 2

Rocky Horror Picture Show


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