Adidas To Release Adam Sandler’s Gear For ‘The Waterboy’ 20th Anniversary

Photo: Archive Photos / Stringer (Getty)

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of The Waterboy, adidas is releasing a Bobby Boucher jersey and other gear from the classic Adam Sandler comedy. Much like the Caddyshack Michelob golf bag, the memorabilia is inspired by the cult classic comedy.

The jersey itself is the actual bowl game uniform from the film, albeit fans will be disappointed to know it doesn’t come with Sandler sweat. From the looks of them, however, the jersey and various threads showcasing the South Central Louisiana State University logo and colors are as high quality as Bobby’s H2O.

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The gear will include windbreakers, caps, and an authentic Mud Dogs helmet. Because it’s essential to the collection, movie lovers can also get the team water bottle. Adidas will make this all available on Friday, October 19 via their website, with or without Momma’s permission.

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