NBA Media Day 2018: The Best Highlights From All the Top Players

Photo: Boston Globe (Getty Images)

The NBA season is just a few weeks away and my ability to control my excitement is fading quicker than LeBron James‘ hairline.

As is the case every year, teams participated in a league-wide media day so reporters and various outlets could interview players ahead of their upcoming and highly anticipated season. Mostly everyone tends have fun with this day, and things were no different this year.

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We combed the Internet for our favorite moments from NBA Media Day 2018 and were able to unearth the following clips. From Enes Kanter’s odd turn-ons to Kawhi Leonard’s awkward laugh, all the players and their personalities were well represented, and we’ve got them all for you to enjoy. Behold…

Nice contracts make everyone happy.

Hats off to everyone on the Toronto Raptors.

Let’s forget how I blew the Finals Game 1 last year.

It’s time to get lit… like a pharaoh?

We’re not, like, really happy, but we’re happy, LOL.

Andrew Drummond can’t hit free throws, but he’s a great GIF.

Stick to playing hoops, Lance.

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Chandler Parsons does the KiKi Challenge.

You still can’t ask Russell Westbrook obvious questions.

Enes Kanter thinks about the playoffs.

Not everyone feels the same about the playoffs as Enes Kanter.

Devin Booker dresses for success.

And make sure your face is on point, too.

Channing Frye got dibs on the newly vacated locker.

You are your own best photographer.

This was a multi-lingual media day.

Everyone’s a reporter nowadays.

That’s not at all creepy, Terry.

Who, me? Pfft, I’m the King.

Kawhi Leonard can smile after all.