Watch | DJ Marshmello Takes on the American Ninja Warrior Course

Photo: NBC

The American Ninja Warrior obstacle course is no joke, but imagine attempting to get through it in a marshmallow helmet! That’s just what superstar DJ Marshmello did on the NBC sports reality show.

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Marshmello, who ranked fifth ($23 million in 2018) on the Forbes list of highest paid DJs, is a sort of an EDM Renaissance Man, hosting a popular hit YouTube series, Cooking With Marshmello. His 1.2 million Twitter followers were intrigued when he announced via social media that he was competing on American Ninja Warrior.

Marshmello (or someone donning his trademark helmet) showed off his fitness by getting through the course with ease, even throwing in a couple fist pumps to his Las Vegas fans. Let’s see you do that, Diplo.