Listen | Sacha Baron Cohen aka DJ Solitary Releases EDM Troll Track

Photo: Showtime screenshot

Sacha Baron Cohen has trolled practically every subculture of ‘Merica in his Showtime series Who Is America? so it’s only fitting that he targeted the often-ridiculous world of EDM in episode five. On the hilarious segment, the British actor and comedian portrays Ricky Sherman an ex-con-turned-DJ aka DJ Solitary. The just released prison inmate bros out with with Miami nightclub owner and manager Jake Inphamous, who looks like a he walked out of Floribama Shore central casting.

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Inphamous mentors DJ Solitary, who weaves his lurid prison stories into his banging BPM tracks, scoring the aspiring DJ a prime time gig at Sway Nightclub in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Hilarity ensues, but now the curtain has been pulled back as Scottish DJ/producer Hudson Mohawk has revealed that he was not only behind the infamous troll track, but has released it via DJ Solitary’s own Soundcloud page (of course he was one). 

You can soak up the entire nine-minute troll track, which is filled with the sounds of prison: buggering, shivs, and, well… listen for yourself.