6 Short-Lived Low Commitment TV Binges You Can Knock Out in a Weekend

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After a hard binge of GLOW season two, we realized how much we enjoy short shows we can quickly conquer. Instead of latching onto 200-episode shows or even a handful of regrettable never-ending seasons (Lost), we thought some low-commitment tv binges were in order, especially if we can knock it out in a weekend or two.

Most of the shows herein have finished their run, allowing you to get that much-needed closure by the end. Except the last show, which returns the first week of August but can be caught up on in a flash. This is your TV homework for the month. Binge responsibly.

Bloodline (Netflix)

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After getting cut short after three seasons, the story of Rayburns found an end following the drama in the pilot episode in which one of their own dies. The following 30-something episodes explore the lead-up and the fallout of that very event. Maybe one of the most underrated dramas (and theme songs) on TV.

Fargo (Hulu)

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Between switching up the cast, villains and plot lines, Fargo manages to be about as exploratory as a North Dakota drama can be. We loved the first season leadoff with Martin Freeman and Billy Bob Thornton, but we also have man-crushes on Nick Offerman and Ted Danson from season two and hear season three is just as good.

True Detective (HBO)

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The beauty of True Detective, besides Matthew McConaughey in his prime, is that both seasons are completely separate from one another. While a third season rumored to be in the works, you could tap out after one season (and probably should) since nothing tops the McConaughey/Woody Harrelson love-hate buddy cop relationship.

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Summer Heights High (HBO)

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An 8-episode Chris Lilley classic, he not only wrote the entire show but acts in multiple (very different) roles that will have you unexpectedly gasping from laughter. Lilley has multiple shows of this same variety, but Summer Heights High is the place to start. You’re more likely to watch it three times than move onto something else.

Party Down (Hulu)

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If you happen to stumble on this quiet killer, you’d be in for two seasons of relatable nonstop laughter about life happening while you’re busy making grand plans (and cocktails). Adam Scott, Jane Lynch, Ken Marino and Martin Starr are comedic assassins, and our love for Lilly Caplan has never been so big.

Better Call Saul (Netflix)

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AMC’s golden boy prequel is gearing up to hit the small screen again in early August after a gut-wrenching season three finale loss. The fourth season steps away from the courtroom and dives into Jimmy McGill’s fallout, but after you quick-binge the first three seasons, expect even more brilliant Breaking Bad crossovers on the way.